Which Mixer Grinder Is Best In India 2021| Review & Buying Guide

which mixer grinder is best

Wondering Which Mixer Grinder Is Best? This article is for you!

As soon as we enter our Kitchen and think of making any recipes instantly our eyes begin to search the chopper, the veggies, the fruits, the species.

All go well but the work stops when it comes to starting the recipes as you need the paste of spices.

You are now running in shortage of time and thought of simplest and easiest Mixer grinder.

A Mixer Grinder is a small appliance that is easily carried and moved, and generally visible on your Kitchen counter, Table Top, countertop, and accomplish your household task.

Sometimes Which Mixer Grinder is Best becomes quite complicated too.

Earlier days we see in our home itself how our mother and other ladies used traditional ways of mixing food and water.

They sometimes used their hand for mashing it or just go to the regular place where the traditional method is used to grind or make a paste with the help of hand made stone Sil batta[grinding stone].

They used to manage that time.

But life is different nowadays. We have to be smart in our personal as well as professional life. Moreover, we need a balance in it.

So if we are using some kitchen appliances that can help in all ways, we must go ahead and choose one that fits the family requirement.

But more than 50%of people don’t know Which Mixer Grinder Is Best. 

They are confused and in this confusion, they either purchase the mixer grinder with fewer features that are unable to complete their family requirement or they take the more advanced level again is not a perfect fit for them.

 If You are considering Which Mixer Grinder Is Best then be here till the end.

What is Mixer Grinder?

Mixer Grinder is our domestic or household appliance which means it is a machine that assists in household function.

Mixer Grinder helps to mix food or liquids by the automatic repetitive task of stirring, whisking, and beating. An appliance is found into two types. This category depends on maintenance and repair. Which Mixer Grinder is Best, if it is your Query then it is going to settle very soon.

The two categories are-

Small Appliances

Small appliances are typically household electrical machines that are very useful and easily carried and moved. Mixer Grinder falls in this category.

Major Appliances

Major appliances are large machines that are bigger in a home, used for our daily housekeeping, and are not portable. Eg-Washing Machine, Refrigerator.

Mixer Grinder often has Domestic and Commercial Versions. For domestic purposes, a traditional Mixer Grinder is used.

Stand Mixer Grinder is used for commercial purposes. Portable stand mixers are available too for baking.

What are the Types of Mixer Grinder?

These are the types of Mixer Grinder-

Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder is primarily functioning as a mixer with attachments that can perform additional functions and is best in grinding.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

As the name indicates it came with additional features of making juice along with mixing and grinding.


For making juices ,a juicer is used. It has no facility of grinding.

All these types are best as they fulfill each requirement of every individual and Which Mixer Grinder is Best is as per the choices and requirement of each family and bachelor too.

Which one to buy: Mixer Grinder or Juicer Mixer Grinder?

If you are only using it for making the batter, dry masala, or chutney, go for Mixer Grinder. But if you make juices then go for Juicer Mixer Grinder because Juicer Mixer Grinder comes with leaner and larger blades that separate juice from the fruit pulp.

Which Mixer Grinder is Best is slowly coming closer as we explore Mixer Grinder so Closely.

Before buying a Mixer grinder that will be your lifelong partner in your kitchen must be understood about its requirements. little research and knowledge will not only save your time but it will be your worth buying too.

How to Choose Mixer Grinder?

We are sometimes unable to determine Which Mixer Grinder is Best. Even though we are using it but when it comes time for replacement we are still in a dilemma about which to choose?

Here I would like to share my personal experience which is based on my years of using Mixer grinder. There are few things that play an essential role while going for the Best Mixer Grinder.

The Size of the Family and our Budget is essential.

Apart from it we sometimes raise our budget if we found the answer to ”Which Mixer Grinder Is Best”.

These are the following parameters to check  about Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.

  • Wattage
  • Speed(in RPM)
  • Motor Capacity
  • Number of jars
  • Types of Blades
  • Safety
  • Design
  • Warranty
  • Accessories.

Let us try to understand one by one.


Wattage means the motor’s power, as higher is the wattage it becomes easy to grind more challenging ingredients.

The wattage of a mixer grinder starts from 300watt as low and goes up to 1500 watts. Since we are looking for our kitchen we must go for 500watt it is more than enough.

People also prefer between 500watt to 750 watts which is equally good.

The price and noise of the mixer grinder increase with its Watts. So 500 watts to 750 watts is the right choice of selection.

Don’t miss it as we are dealing with “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.”

Speed (RPM)

Speed (Rotation Per Minute)is the rotation of the blade which means as fast the blade rotates it takes less time to grind and mix the food particles.

You must have noticed, while you fill the jar with the food particles and set it for grinding and mixing it is done within a few seconds. The jars spins so fast and it chopped, blend, and mix it within a few seconds.

How do you know the RPM of the Mixer Grinder? The RPM is written on the manual kit of the mixer grinder. You have to check 18000 to 23000 is the ideal choice.

Continue Reading “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.”

Motor Capacity

Universal Motor is generally found on Mixer Grinder because they have a wide variety of range in which less than 1000watt is also available.

Secondly, they also lend themselves to electronic speed control. One more thing to take care of about the Motor of the Mixer grinder is that the Motor should have the original copper winding to be damaged by continuous friction.

Since the Bearing help in reducing friction and allow for smooth rotation, the bearing should also be checked.

There should be double bearing in the motor so that it can manage low and high speed. So copper winding on the Motor and Double Bearing is a must.

Don’t miss it as we are dealing with “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best”.

Number of Jars

The Number of Jars is depended on the choice of the different companies. Usually, it starts from three Jars at a minimum and five at maximum.

Again here it depends on your usage. How much you are going to use the jars and for what purpose too. Sometimes we purchase the Mixer Grinder with Five Jars but only two jars are used.

The capacity of the jars is also significant. It is available in 300ml,1l,1.5liter. Stainless steel jars are available with a transparent lid.

The lid should be checked either they are made of polycarbonate because polycarbonate is not easily breakable.

since we are using jars with water too we must be careful.so there should be a good grip on the lid so that no spill would be there.

Nowadays jars have plastic coupling at their end side through which the jars are connected with the mixer motors. Plastic is easily breakable.

So Rubber Coupling at the jars is recommended.

Don’t miss it as we are dealing with “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best”.

Types of Blades

Stainless Steel blades are available on Jars. The blades are made so that they are fit for wet and dry grinding and mixing .

Whipper and Mincer blade is also available on the Jars. Not only these interchangeable blades are also available which can be used as per necessity.

But sometimes these blades didn’t fit with other brands of Jars. So inbuilt stainless steel blades in the Jars are recommended to use. Blades are made of stainless steel alloy 302-304, as they are ideal for cookware appliances, sinks, Tabletop. This alloy is widely used.

Don’t miss it as we are dealing with “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.”


Safety comes first.Nonskid footers are best as they don’t move from their place while using a mixer grinder.Vacuum skit footers are available on mixer Grinder.

If they don’t have then it is risky to use. Overload Safety Switch is highly recommended.

If the overload safety switch will be there then first of all the Jar if not locked properly will not start and secondly, it will automatically shut off so that it may not damage the motor and restart without taking the things out.

Variable Speed Controller is a must so that you can increase and decrease the speed of the motor.

Don’t miss it as we are dealing with “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.”


Earlier we see the same type of Mixer Grinder. Today we find so many different designs of Mixer Grinder. The color is attractive

You can find black, white, Red, Purple. The color can be chosen as per the color of your kitchen countertop too so that both will match the Kitchen theme.

You have to keep an eye on your warranty card too so that it may not miss the warranty period.

Don’t miss it as we are dealing with “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best”.


Spatula, citrous filter, Thin and thick slicer are also available. But it depends on the model and the different brands which you are choosing.

Which Mixer Grinder Is Best will be tough if you neglect this important aspect of the Mixer Grinde

Here Presenting You Best Mixer Grinder In India. Consider this Mixer Grinder if You seek an answer to the question “Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.

Top 15 Mixer Grinder In India 2021

1.Bajaj Rex ,500watts

which mixer grinder is best

Key Features

  • Your 500 watt Space saver
  • 3-speed controller with an Incher for momentary operation
  • Elegant Body Design
  • 3 Jars making your cooking easier
  • Multifunctional Blades
  • Your Reliable Brand Mixer

Whether it is mixing, grinding, or blending Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder completely does its work. It has a very strong body.

The 500 watt is efficient to do its task whatever may be the texture of the food items.

The sharp cutting edges of the blade are as easy to clean as easily they grind the items. Wet and Dry Grinding can be done with it 3 jars 0.3L, 0.8L,1.2L respectively.

The grip handles are provided in 0.8L and 1.2L Jars. Blades of the Jars are enough for multifunctional tasks. Stainless Steel prevents any rusting of the Jars.

The Mixer Grinder comes with a 3-speed controller through which you can adjust the speed. An  incher in the mixer helps in momentary operation.

The Mixer Grinder has a rust-proof body and its simplicity looks attract your attention.

It should not move from its place whenever it is in use so vacuum feet are there in the Mixer Grinder.

It is easy to use and clean too. The lid of the Jars fitted well as there is a rubber gasket in it. The best quality ABS Plastic is used in the Mixer Grinder.

With bajaj Rex and its 500 watts, you can easily do your task and save your time in the kitchen. It is a choice for every small family.


  • Less Energy Consumption                                                      
  • Easy to use
  • Fine grinding and blending
  • Small in Size
  • Highly Durable


  • Best For small families

2.BOSCH True Mixx Pro,1000watts

which mixer grinder is best

Key Features

  • Stone pounding technology
  • 1000watt Maestro
  • With Maxx Juice Extractor
  • Introducing Active Flow Breaker
  • Contamination free mixing
  • Hands-free operation
  • Flow Breaker
  • Elegant Look

With its unique design and smart Technology Bosch is winning the hearts of families. This Mixer Grinder is a Specialist of 1000watt in Mixer Grinder. The Motor used in the Mixer is cooper-winded.

Bosch True Mixx is based on stone-pounding technology. Blunt-pounding blade is its smart feature.

It comes with 4 Jars which gives Hands Free Operation.  

Stainless Steel jars with an Active flow breaker break the flow of mixing resulting in a very good result of grinding.

Stone Pounding Blades are there in the Jars.

This blade gives a pounding effect on the food items. It is indeed a very thoughtful implementation.

Suction-based Feet give stability, you are free to do a hands-free operation.

The Maxx Juice extractor is another benefit of this Bosch Mixer grinder. It makes easier juicing and even extraction of juice.

Bosch True Mixx pro Mixer Grinder also has an Overload Protector which is indeed a safety help.

Amazingly it would be used for 30 minutes with 5minutes on and 2 minutes off cycles is advisable at maximum.

Food leakage can be easily cleaned too by the small passage which is visible and open too.

The Product is truly a value-for-money product.


  • Build Quality  
  • Few Minutes and Best grinding
  • Lea Proof Jars
  • Best in its Category
  • Easy to Wash and Wipe Cleaning too 
  • Best In its category
  • Easy to Wash and Wipe cleaning too 
  • Hot grinding is not advisable

 3.Sujata Powermatic Plus, 900 watts

 900 Watts Specialist

which mixer grinder is best

Key Features

  • Powerful 900-watt Motor
  • 90 minutes continuous runner
  • Centrifugal Juicer
  • Ensure complete Safety
  • High Durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Heavy use

Sujata is well Known Brand of Indian Kitchen. Its specialty in 900watt makes it unique and the recognizable motor is so powerful that all your hard materials are going to come out finely manner.

With a strong body, it is a good small appliance of the kitchen.

It has 3 jars all purposely best with lids intact.

It comes with a 3-speed rotary action switch and a whipper button too for momentary motion. Along various attachments and knobs are available too.

The Aluminium Cast at the bottom of the Mixer makes its durability.

The Juicer Jar is transparent and unbreakable. It is attached with one honeycomb filter mesh which extracts fine juices.

Sujata Powermatic Plus can run continuously for 90 minutes which is super for any mixer grinder motor. It allows heavy use too.

It is really easy with Sujata Powermatic Plus to detach or attach and to clean it.

You won’t feel any vibration while operating it.

It is very functional and easy to use a Mixer grinder.


  • No heating issue
  • Very efficient                                                         
  • Excellent Juicer
  • Trouble-free running for years
  • Perform Relentlessly


  • Bit Heavy

4.Wonderchef Nutri-Blend,400watts

which mixer grinder is best

Mini Blender

Key Features

  • Very little space occupied
  • All-purpose blender and mixer
  • Sharp Steel blades
  • Quick Push Start
  • Attractive color and design
  • Easy clean 
  • 400 watt with 22000RPM
  • Superfast
  • 2 Year Warranty

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder Blender is a Mini Version of Mixer Grinder. It is a space-saver of your kitchen.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor And Swati Thoda designed the Nutriblend. A recipes booklet by Sanjeev Kapoor also comes with this Wonderchef Nutri blend Mixer Grinder.

It comes with 2and 3 polycarbonate visible Jars.

Nutriblend didn’t come with any multiple or complicated attachments. Wonderchef brings a simple functioning blender cum mixer that can do dry grinding,juicing and blending equally.

With its compact design it is steady and safe to use.The feet are anti-skid.

The motor and the stainless steel blades work superfast making blending and mixing very fastly.

Wonderchef Nutriblend mixer grinder makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

You will definitely like this handy kitchen appliance.


  • Handy                                                                                   
  • Can carry anywhere without taking much space         
  • Jars are storage too.
  • Zero leakage
  • Hands free Operation


  • No Variable Speed Controller

5.Preethi Zodiac MG218,750watts

best mixer grinder in India

Key Features

  • ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Compliant Mixer Grinder
  • 5 Motor Mixer grinder
  • Vega W5 Motor
  • Fast Motor Cooling
  • 3 in 1 Feature
  • 2.1L Masterchef Jar
  • 5Year Motor and 2 Year product warranty
  • Overload Indicator light

With its Robust Operation of the Motor, the Preethi Zodiac MG218 Mixer grinder is the leading  Juicer Mixer Grinder in India.

The First Mixer Grinder with ROHS compliant means it did not advocate the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products.

The motor of the Mixer Grinder is W5 Motor with a fast cooling motor feature. Along with 4Jars one additional 2.1L Masterchef jar is available with the Mixer grinder for Kneading Purpose. It has a Juicing Jar to extract the juice.

The Tap in the jar helps in taking out the Juice easily.

Speed Controller with 3 speeds is there to adjust the speed as per the use.Stainless Steel multifunctional Blade comes with this Mixer Grinder which is very sturdy.

Mixer Grinder turns blue when its starts. When its turn Red which means to stop.

Handy Jars with advanced features make it a perfect choice for every family. Preethi Zodiac MG218 makes sure of its Longevity. It is a very durable and a value for money product.


  • Powerful Motor                                                             
  • No installation
  • Front Overload Indicator
  • AttaKneader
  • Less electricity Consumption


  • Lots of Attachment

6.Butterfly Elite Jet ,750watts


Mixer Grinder

Key Features

  • 4Jars
  • Motor Warranty 2Years
  • Product warranty1 Years
  • Rubber grip
  • 1.5 water kettle
  • Auto Switch Off
  • Elegant Shape and Design

Butterfly Mixer Grinder with its efficient functioning is a wonderful choice for every Kitchen. It uses less energy.

This Mixer Grinder is a combo pack. It has 4Jars and a 1.5 electric kettle too. The size of the Jar is 0.4L,0.75L, and 1 L. One is a Juicer jar.

Above all the juicer Jar which has a Pusher in it is delicate makes it easier to extract Juice. Whipping, mixing, blending can be done with the Mixer Jars. Besides its Spatula as an accessory is a great help to mix and extract the ingredients from the Jar.

With the Transparent lid of the jar, it becomes easy to see the mixing process. The jars are handy as it comes with a handle. The body is of ABS plastic, Which is harmless.

Speed Controller Knob  with 3 adjustable speeds is also adjacent here.

750 Watts Powerful motor with Overload Auto Switch Off Mode is found in this Mixer. The motor is ventilated too for cooling purposes so that it may not be damaged due to overheating.

Whether it is grinding or washing of the jar Butterfly jet elite is excellent.

Saving your time in the kitchen Jet Elite really works like a professionals.


  • Powerful Motor                                                          
  • Easy to use
  • Juicer Jar 
  • Efficient work


  • No lid lock except in Juicer Jar

7.Prestige IRIS ,750 Watts

Best mixer grinder

Key Features

  • Grinding with Filters
  • Smooth and powerful
  • Budget-Friendly Price
  • Less time taken
  • Easy to maintain
  • 2Years Motor warranty
  • 2Years Product warranty

Prestige appliances are one of the prominent brands in India. Its Kitchen appliances have a remarkable position in every Indian kitchen. Prestige IRIS is quite popular in terms of quality,durability and price.

It contains 3 Jars.1 Juicer jar is an additional Jar along with it. The Jar size is 1.5L for wet grinding,1.2L Juicer Jar,1L for Dry grinding, and 300ml for the Chutney jar.

Juicer Jar is transparent. The Motor won’t start if the jars are not locked properly.

The Motor capacity is 750 strong watts. It has moderate level noise.3 Speed controller Knob is there. The Blue and white color make it more appealing.

Overload protection saves the Motor from any damage. IRIS it is lightweight and strong PVC with copper wire.

Blades are super efficient which can multitask  and make tasks easier .With minimum attachments it is easy to clean and maintain.

It is a wonderful product for its price.


  • Simple design                                                 
  • Value for money
  • Easy to Handle
  • Small size


  • No Light Indication

8.Panasonic MX-AC400,550watts

Best mixer Grinder

Key Features

  • Safety comes first
  • Dual safety
  • Best grinding efficiency
  • No leakage
  • Good build quality
  • Long-lasting
  • 550 watt
  • 5 Year Motor warranty.

Panasonic is a Renowned Brand and brings an easy-to-use Mixer Grinder with some updated features.

The motor of the mixer is 550watt which comes with magic seal protection. Magic Seal lubricates the blade rod. It comes with 3 stainless steel jars and 1 blender Jar which is convenient to use.

For efficient grinding Flow Breakers in jars are available.

Jars are strong and have sturdy handles. Samurai Edges blades make work easier and faster.

The mixer will not start if it is not properly fit with the coupler. Unless the motor is not going to start This safety feature is based on international safety standards.

Piano button-like speed setting Knobs make it easy to use. It is a durable.

Panasonic Mixer grinder with its  outstanding efficiency brings ultimate grinding experience.


  • Latest safety lock                                            
  • No overheating
  • Very quick work
  • Easy to accommodate


  • No Hands Free For Chutney Jar


best mixer grinder in India

Key Features

  • Philips Your Durable Brand
  • Newly designed
  • User friendly
  • Overload protector
  • 700watt
  • 5Year Motor Warranty
  • 2Year Product Warranty

Philips is winning the heart. Its Product ar durable and reliable product. The newly designed Philips Mixer Grinder is winning every Indian Kitchen.

The 700watt motor is capable of grinding tough ingredients too. It can grind for 25 minutes continuously.

The body is in triangular shapes with less cut so that it would be convenient for cleaning.

It has an advanced Ventilation system with an Overload protector.

3 stainless steel jars with double clamped give perfect grip and avoid any spillage.

The quantity of the Jars is 0.3L,1L, and 1.5L. The jars have a semi-transparent lid. A 3-speed controller along with pulse variation is also available in it.

The blades of the Jar give perfect grinding. The jars are tightly fit and there is no leakage from them.

A Spatula works like a spanner which helps in changing the blades of the Jars.

Cooking is going to be easy and less time consuming with it.


  • Easy to Operate                            
  • Lightweight 
  • Less space occupied
  • Open coupler makes cleaning easy


  • Lid Cover is Semi Transparent

10.Havells Grind Maxx,750watts

which mixer grinder is best

Key Features

  • 750 watt
  • 5year motor warranty
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Cord winder
  • Flow Breaker
  • Attractive color

Havells-’Make in India’ is proudly leading in kitchen appliances. Havells Maxx is the best example of it. With its appealing bluish color, it is gaining attention.

It comes with 750-watt motor power. It has 3 Jars with 0.4L,0.8L,1.5L capacity. The jar can anti-rotated too. All Jars have a handle.

The Jars are of good quality stainless steel and have a polycarbonate lid. It has a locking system too.

To avoid the tangling of the cord, a cord winder is also provided in it. The Speed Controller comes with a big Knob which makes its rotation easy.

Overload protector saves motor .

304 superior quality stainless steel blades are sufficiently giving excellent grinding and blending.

With the best design and built quality it is quite a value for money product.


  • Silicon Rubber lid Gasket                         
  • Easy to use
  • Pulse Function for fast rotation
  • LED indicator for Overload Protection        
  • Good shape


  • Small Jar has no locks

11.Pigeon 12633,750watts

best mixer grinder

Key Features

  • Pleasing Design
  • Wave shape body
  • Forced Air Circulation Technology
  • Automatic Overload cut off
  • 5Year Warranty on motor
  • Advanced Cooling Technology
  • 750 watt

Pigeon super storm performs super stormy and makes cooking easier and saves time. Forced Air Circulation Technology (FACT) is a new Feature in the which helps increase the life of the Motor.

65mm fan at the bottom of the motor helps in cooling the motor faster.

Stylish Wave Design makes cleaning easier. Ventilation through the vents of it makes the incoming of the cool air and helps in the outgoing of the hot air which makes the motor grind easily.

3 Stainless Steel Jar with capacity 0.4L,1.0L,1.5L comes with it. The Jar base is wide so it becomes easy to intake the ground food items. Jars have sturdy handles.

The Polycarbonate lid is there in the Jars.

Blades are suitable for tough grinding.

3 Speed rotator with a large Knob helps in easy rotation.


  • Excellent Grinding                                              
  • Shockproof and rustproof body
  • Strong Body
  • Comfortable size Mixer 


  • No Flow Breaker

12.Murphy Richard Icon Classique 750watts

best mixer grinder

Key Features

  • 750 watt
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant Design
  • Super Strong
  • Long-lasting
  • Superior quality

Murphy Richards brings smart ideas for your home. Murphy Richard icon Classique will help you to do your grinding very smoothly.

The power of the motor is 750watt which is strong enough for any tough grinding. The motors are of cooper which increases the durability of the motor.

It comes with a 5 Year warranty on the motor.

The jars are capable of 400ML,1L,1.5L. They have handles that make them convenient to handle and the blades in them are razor-shaped which makes grinding easy and fine.

The jars are metal bases which increase their durability. The lid is polycarbonate and transparent.

The blades are placed at the very bottom of the jar so that even the fine particles may grinded well. A speed rotator with a 3-speed setting and an incher is also available.

It can operate for 30minutes without any difficulty. There is a vacuum grip at the foot of the Mixer.

Overload Protector is also an additional benefit of this Icon Classique.


  • Highly durable                                                 
  • Low Vibration
  • Take less space
  • Easy to Clean


  • No Safety Lock In Jars

13.Orient Electric Aquilla ,500watts

Orient Electric Aquilla

Key Features

  • 500 watt
  • Advanced Heat dissipation
  • Nickel Based tough Blade
  • Small size
  • Convenient to use
  • 5Year Motor warranty
  • 2Year Product warranty

Orient Electric Aquilla Mixer grinder with 500-watt Motor power is super-efficient for every home.35 minutes of continuous grinding is efficient with this motor capacity with 5minute on and 2 minutes off.

In it, Advanced Heat Dissipation Technology is introduced, Which keeps the mixer Jar cool and safe to touch.

The base has suction feet which give a proper grip to the it.

It became easy to use the it with 3speed rotation with pulse as an optional feature.

3 stainless steel jars with capacity 0.5L,0.8Land 1.25L. With a comfortable handle. Flow breaker is also there which makes the grinding excellent.

The blades are tough making grinding easier and faster.

With its size it becomes easy to store the it without taking much space.

Overload protector helps in shutting the motor for some time if it overloads the motor.

It is lightweight and easy to clean too.



  • Easy to use                                                       
  • High Durability
  • No leakage
  • Compact Mixer
  • Cost-effective


  • Little Bit Noisy

14.Maharaja Joy Elite Whiteline,750watts

Maharaja Joy Elite

Key Features

  • Cooling Technology
  • Food Grade safe
  • Air ventilation system
  • 2year on product Warranty
  • 5 year on motor warranty

Maharaja Whiteline makes your cooking joyful. The motor is 750watt which is quite powerful with its RPM20000.

Cooling Technology reduces overheating and enhances motor life. The overload protector to bits helps in the long-lasting life of the motor.

It consist of 4 Stainless steel.

400ml,1L,1.5L Blending jar,1.5L Liquidizing Jar with transparent lid and sturdy handle makes the convenient to use. The Blending jar has fruit filters too which separate the juice and the extract of the fruits.

The jar has a flow breaker in it which give the best grinding. The jars are food-grade safe which means the food is safe in the jars. The quality of the jars is superior. The blades in the jars are capable of 5-in-1 multitask.

Maharaja Whiteline also gives 30minutes of spontaneous running of the mixer with 2minute of rest .

The  rotary switch is easy and gives 3 speeds and one pulse setting.

The coupler of the mixer is of Nylon 66. For the anti-slip mechanism, there are vacuum feet at the bottom of it.


  • Handy                                                                 
  • Durable Mixer Grinder                          
  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Sharp blades grind almost everything
  •  Attractive Design   


  • No Hands Free Operation
  • Wire is Short in Length


15.lifelong Power Pro 500 watts

Lifelong Power Pro

Key Features

  • Compact lightweight
  • Strong and sharp blades
  • Trouble free usage
  • Easy to clean
  • 1Year Warranty

The Product works like a pro. The Mixer grinder is compact and lightweight too. The  Mixer grinder has a very functional design. The Motor is 500 watts and is powerful for perfect grinding.

It consists of 3 stainless steel jars and a quantity of 0.3L,0.88L, and 1.25L. The lid of the jars is polypropylene. Active Flow  Breaker in the Jar is making the grinding smooth.

The Jaw shaped blades are excellent enough for any of grinding giving the very best result Each jar have different blade’s shapes and size in them. The handles are strong for any heavyweight.

Overload protector and anti skid feet are additional benefits that gives safety .

It adjusts the speed into a slow, medium, and fast 3-speed variable controller.

The Mixer grinder is small in size so it is saving your kitchen space too.

It is easy to handle and operate too. With its affordable price and quality, it is becoming a favorite in every kitchen.


  • ISI Certified Mixer Grinder                                         
  • Sharp Blades
  • Value for money
  • Good Quality
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  • No Light Indication

Uses of Mixer Grinder

It is quite well known what are the uses of mixer Grinder but do you know how to use it properly. Why the jars are of different sizes and numbers? when we know the purpose of the thing then it becomes easy to follow it.

So let us find the right purpose for different jars and how to use them. After all, we are following the best for us.


3 to 5 jars are available in a mixer grinder. It depends on your usage and your need. These Jars came in 0.3 L,0.5 L,1liter,1.5 L,2 L

These Jars are meant for wet grinding, dry grinding, whipping, and mincing. Their size starts from a smaller one, a slightly bigger one and finally the biggest one.

Small Jar

A small Jar is used for dry grinding which means you have to grind the food item without adding water. Sometimes it is also used as a wet grinder where water is used.

It is ideal for grinding dry masala/spices like cumin, coriander seeds, clove, cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric too. As turmeric is too hard and you have to be careful while grinding it.

There are two ways of grinding turmeric. first, you cut it down and then let it for grinding.

Secondly, if you are putting the whole turmeric as such then don’t run the mixer continuously as it may break the blade and may heat the motor too.

So just grind it for few seconds and stop and then continue. Do this for 3 to 4 times than the turmeric will be in small size than go on grinding continuously you will get fine powder of turmeric.

In between this don’t forget to hold the lid of your jar with your hand.

Wet Grinding

Wet grinding can also be done on a small jar if you have been provided only three jars, otherwise, medium jars can be used for wet grinding.

Here you can make a paste of ginger, garlic, onion. you can make chutney too. It is also good for making idli, uttapam batter where grinding is done using water.

The product coarsely makes the paste and sometimes fine paste too. All it depends on how do you want the paste to be.


Whipping is done in the leaner jar. Many of us don’t know the use of it. Actually, milkshakes, smoothies, lassi, eggs, churning butter can be done by using this long Jar.

These jars blades are specially designed for whipping. You will get the best result from whipping Jars.


Mincing is done with the biggest Jar. Dry fruits, onion, cucumber, or biscuit crumbs all can be done in the bigger Jar. First, the food items are roughly minced and then they are finely chopped.

Meat can also be minced in these Jars.

Its Jars are used for different purposes and requirements.so if we are aware of it then we can use it accordingly and it will serve us for many years.

Benefits of Mixer Grinder

The modern Era does not depend on stone grinding; indeed it depends on Mixer Grinder which is today’s blessing.

Helping Hand

Mixer Grinder is your helping hand in your kitchen. If they are there then you don’t need to worry about your recipes. In Fact, it will also help in enhancing your cooking.

If you need any batter, dry masalas, smoothies, purees all are going to be done in one hand with the help of a Mixer Grinder.

Sometimes guests came into our home without any notice and we manage our cooking with the help of it. Without Mixer Grinder the kitchen is incomplete.

Time Saver

Whether you are working or nonworking but you prefer to stand less in your Kitchen. You want to save your time. Mixer Grinder saves your cooking time.

Nowadays with these small appliances, we manage to organize our day and divide our everyday time accordingly.

The time saved is utilized in other activities. Even if you have babies and you want to cook for them, Mixer Grinder helps you in these and you serve the food easily and fastly to them. If you are working then it is your lifesaver.


Technology is improving our life. Mixer Grinder is a good example of innovation. The requirement of each one and their family is taken care so innovative features are added in Mixer Grinder.

It simplifies your work and makes it easy too.

You just have to fill the Jar, close the lid, fix the jar around the coupler of the Mixer, and insert the plug.

Now just switch on the plug and put your hands on the jar lid, adjust the speed, and done. It is so simple.

Lots of Task at a Time

It can do multitasking. Your morning SpinachJuice, fruit juice, vegetable juice all can be extracted with the help of a juicer jar from it.

Your dry turmeric, masalas smoothies can also get by using it.

Ease of Mobility

If you are traveling with a kid, or You are a fitness freak you will always in need of a milkshake, baby food, smoothies, juices.

Portable Mixer Grinder can be used this time. They are easy to carry and sometimes come with rechargeable batteries. 

Preserve For Future

You can make the spices as per your requirements and they can be saved as per your usage. You can store the spices that are ground by Mixer Grinder. They are fresh and give a natural taste if stored properly.

Likewise idli, dosa batter can also be made and store in the fridge for up to a week if the ingredients are taken in the right proportion. So it is solving this problem too.

Buying Guide | Which Mixer Grinder is Best

This buying guide will help you in your market research while purchasing Which Mixer Grinder Is Best.

Family Size

The Mixer Grinder you are going to purchase will serve your family. Do consider the number of members in your family and its requirement. How frequently you are going to use it.

Oversize and undersize appliance in terms of their features is not going to fulfill your daily usage.

Money Matter

You are going to pay for it. Sometimes the pocket of our money is large and we have a choice of high selection too.

Consider your budget of investment for Mixer Grinder. It is equally important for each and every one.

Brand and Model

The choice of your brand and its model of Mixer Grinder is also important to be taken care of. The product features its delivery, Warranty card, After Sales Service all should be checked and compared with other models and brands too.

Sometimes we miss and later face few problems.


What are you looking for in your best Mixer Grinder? Are you aware of it? Nowadays almost every brand of comes with new innovation.

Which features you are looking for either modern technology or a simple and faster Mixer Grinder.

If you reach till here of this article you might have gone through the topic How to choose Mixer Grinder.


Watt is the energy used per Second. 500watt to 750 watts is considered ideal watt for Mixer Grinder.

The results are best for tough grinding too. If you need tough grinding for hours then prefer 900 to1000watt. As they are good for commercial use too.


Speed of the Motor Of Mixer Grinder which is in between 18000RPM to 23000RPM is suitable for our daily use.

If RPM is less in between this then the grinding of the ingredients will not up to satisfaction. Maybe you have to repeat the process again.


“Caution is the Parent of Safety’’.Agreed.

We are dealing with Electrical Appliances so we must be careful about it. Anti-skid foot for stability, Lid lock for No spillage, length of the cord, Powerful Motor, Superior Quality Steel, ABS Plastic all need to be checked.

Don’t forget to check your plugs too. After all, it is the safety of us and our family too.


How to restart the mixer grinder if it stops working?

Unplug the Mixer Grinder from the Switchboard. Just wait for two minutes and again plug in the Mixer Grinder it is ready to start.

How the Noise of the Mixer Grinder is affected with the wattage?

If you are using more wattage Mixer Grinder then the Motor of it will have high rpm so that it may rotate, grind and mix quickly so it will be a little noisy.

Did Company provide after Sales Service in Mixer Grinder?

Yes, different Companies provide after Sales service. They have toll-free numbers so you have to give them a call with your details.

Is it safe to use mixer grinder with inverter back up?

Generally, it is not recommended as the appliances may get damaged because each inverter has a different capacity and output.

Is the mixer grinder with fewer watts better?

Mixer Grinder fulfilled the requirement of each family, either it is small or big. If you have a big family, you should go with a wattage between 500 watts and 750watt.


The ride of Mixer Grinder was as easy and it was fun too where we together learn and understand about the Physical Features, Technicality, Uses, Maintenance, and what not about it.

Whether you want to make your family appetite happy or improve your health or want to get praise for your recipes from the families and others than you are going to admire it and will call it your best and lifelong partner of the kitchen.

Don’t forget to share your buying experience with us.

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